Luigi Varanese


I was born in Italy in March 1990 and grew up near Oxford in the UK where I lived with my family, went to school and eventually got my TEFL teaching certificate back in 2009. I then moved to Bologna in 2010, it is a city I fell in love with at first sight and am happy to live here.
I started working as an English teacher in 2012 when I was still a foreign languages and literature student, with my first ever experience in a summer camp in Uzbekistan. I remember the pleasure of creating an empathic relationship with the class and the satisfaction of successfully organising and conducting group activities which would involve every single student. That experience strengthened my desire to become a teacher. Over the years I have taught to students of all levels, ages and backgrounds and thanks to each one of them I have grown personally and professionally.

English is the mother tongue of many countries around the globe, and this makes it one of the most interesting, varied and rapidly changing languages, it is something that greatly fascinated me when I was a student and I think it is very important for any student of the language to appreciate this.

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