Benjamin Goodall


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All About Me!

My name is Ben and I am from Manchester in England. I am the mother tongue English teacher here at Liceo Boldrini.

Why do I teach English?

Two reasons: Firstly I love the English language and secondly I love teaching!
Why here in Bologna at the Boldrini?
Two reasons: For me, Bologna is a great city and secondly the Boldrini is a wonderful environment to work in with great colleagues and students!

What does English mean in 2015?

Erm…well, my approach to teaching is what I call ‘Global English’. This means covering all aspects of English spoken and used in the world today from films, music, conversation, travel, work and free time. Also in today’s world it is important to think about studying for exams such as PET, FCE and IELTS.
I like to think we try to cover all aspects of the language tailored to the students needs and ambitions.

What about me?

My passion in life is music. I love all types of music from rap, country, classical, blues, soul and pop.
Films are also important in my life as well as sport such as golf and football. I support Manchester United!
Some of my favourite films are: ‘Into The Wild’, ‘Before Sunset’, ‘Boyhood’, ‘Manhattan’ and ‘Spirited away’.

Anyway that’s enough about me for now. Hope to see you at school!


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